Free consultation

During more than five years I got a lot of experience doing coaching, mentoring and supporting people in their development of coaching skills.

I’m always happy to share what I learned.

What you’ll get:
– You’ll coach me and I will give you feedback on what you can improve
– We’ll discuss cases where coaching ‘is not working’ and I’ll help you show up more powerfully as a coach so that it works
– I’ll refer you to whatever resources that might be needed on particular coaching skills
– If you can obtain the recording of your coaching conversation I will listen to it and give you feedback

Just drop me a line at with the subject ‘Free consultation’!

What people say about it

‘In just two short sessions, I gained valuable tools that helped me increase my value as a coach for my organization. I’m not a beginner coach, but the quick and actionable feedback and coaching I got from Alex were enough to make a noticeable change in how I approach coaching, and the success I’ve had in those efforts.’

Alan Page, Director at Unity Technologies
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