Realizing potential with coaching

Become as confident a leader as you were as a techie


There are many challenges when people transition to a leadership role. And they are not related to tech stuff.


The biggest challenges are related to your mindset. The mindset that helped you become an amazing individual contributor but doesn’t serve you well now.


Want to learn more about these challenges? Check this presentation on the beginning managers’ biggest challenges and how to address them.


When you face these challenges, your confidence plummets, stress rises, and clarity dissipates. Then it’s easy to get stuck focusing on problems and not see opportunities.


Do you want to get out of this vicious cycle?


1. Think about the biggest non-technical challenge you have

2. Book a free call with me

3. During the call we will create an action plan to address your challenge

This blog is about how coaching can help first-time tech managers successfully transition to the new role.    

Photo by Felix Mittermeier from Pexels This is the second in the series of blogs on coaching tools that can help technical leaders. The previous part was focused on trust and relationships. Today the focus is on communication. Communication is improvisation. But unlike jazz musicians, we don’t learn music theory to base our spontaneous expression on. No wonder […]

13 December

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7 December

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13 April
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