Will This Crisis Let You Soar?

21 March

Photo by Arnaud Mesureur on Unsplash

When something disturbs our usual way of being, our homeostasis, the first response is to restore the previous state.

From level B we want to get back to level A.

This is a natural response. But with it, we become too narrowly focused. We are so concentrated on A that we don’t recognize other opportunities. We are absorbed by the either-A-or-B dilemma.

I don’t want to write the five-letter-two-digit word starting with C, but that thing set all of us back and, of course, it’s on everybody’s minds.

Disturbances like these, though stressful, provide us the opportunity to reassess where we want to venture. In this time of crisis, we can spare a minute to think beyond our level A. We can ask ourselves.
– Who are we?
– What legacy do we want to leave?
– What are the scary goals that we wanted to achieve but were putting off for years?

In the words of poet Mary Oliver:

‘what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?’

And the answer is not merely to return to where I was a month ago. We can choose a new level to aim for.

Will this crisis let you soar?


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