The Intensity Of The Focus

27 March

Hypnotherapist Milton Erickson had an ingenious way to induce anesthesia in his patients.

He has a patient who was experiencing a lot of physical pain. Naturally, the pain was absorbing all of this patient’s attention.

So Milton Erickson would start by asking: “What would happen if you looked over there and a huge hungry tiger was walking in this room, swishing his tail and looking right at you? Would you still feel the very same amount of pain when you looked right into the yellow eyes of that great big hungry tiger?”

By creating this image, Milton Erickson allowed his patient to see how shifting the focus can produce a different experience. That experience was the first step to relieve the physical pain he had.

The same principle can be used for a different purpose.

Think about the intensity of your focus on the tiger approaching you. Now, what would be possible if you have the same intensity of focus on your goals?


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