This is the last in the series on coaching principles. You can find previous parts here. Coaching helps clients explore their goal and their situation. To have a deeper impact, this exploration needs to happen in a safe space where the person will be capable of being honest with herself. In coaching, we allow the […]

23 January

[Previous blogs on the coaching principles can be found here] Coaching starts with this fundamental belief. As coaches, we must believe in the immense potential locked inside our clients. Without that conviction, we won’t be able to help them discover that potential and tap into it. This doesn’t mean that everything client wishes will miraculously […]

12 December

This is the third blog in the series about coaching principles. You can find first two blogs here. Each profession has its jargon. And you’ll find coaches talk a lot about awareness. So what’s awareness and why is it that important? Dictionary definition of awareness is ‘knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists.’ […]

22 November

I continue with the series of posts on the coaching principles. You can read the first post here. Today I’d like to write about the partnership in coaching. It is explicitly mentioned in the definition of coaching by the International Coach Federation: “Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires […]

2 November

There is a lot of confusion about what is coaching. So I decided to write a series of posts on the principles of coaching to help others understand what coaching is and why it can be beneficial for people. The first principle says that coaching is not teaching, but a facilitation of learning through experience. […]

23 October
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