Coaching Skills Practicum

For whom is this program

For managers, HR specialists, mentors, and professionals who want to develop coaching skills and non-directive ways of interacting with people.

If you want to be able to engage your team members, uncover the motivation of your colleagues, and help them grow, this course is for you.

What participants will get out of this training

This training gives an understanding of what coaching is, how it is different from other approaches, how coaching conversation is structured, and how coaching skills can be used by professionals.

As a participant, you will:
– Develop foundational coaching skills of listening and asking questions
– Master basic coaching models and techniques
– Improve your communication skills, in general

After the training attendees will be able to:
– Conduct coaching conversations with a focus on developing other people and facilitating problem-solving
– Use coaching tools in a professional context

Please note you will not become a professional coach after completing this training.

Training format

Training is delivered in blended format and consists of:
– self-study materials;
– weekly group sessions;
– weekly practice sessions in triads with supervision and feedback;
– individual exercises and self-reflection practice.

The whole program duration is one month. The average time investment required to complete all tasks and reach learning objectives is 4 hours weekly.

You will need to complete all the tasks on time as each module is built on top of the previous one.

During the course, you will be recorded for further analysis. The recordings are shared within your practice triads only. By enrolling, you are agreeing with that.

This is a high-touch program. It’s not about learning theory. Everyone participates, everyone gets individual support and feedback. Group size is a multiple of 3, but no more than 12 people.

Training agenda

Module 1:
– Goal-setting

Module 2:
– Coaching principles
– Powerful questions

Module 3:
– Structure of coaching conversation
– Differences between coaching and other helping approaches

Module 4:
– Coaching toolkit

What people have to say about it

“Learned skills help me switch mindsets of people to start getting proactive and build connections themselves.“

“The trainer was fully engaged to the training and dedicated to our development and growth.“

“The way the practice sessions were conducted, the feedback on coach performance was very detailed and useful. Lots of insights that made the sessions better in time.“

“Alex is a great trainer! Very patient, interested in what he does, he enables the participants to contribute and accepts others’ points of view. And he spends so much time supporting the participants during practice sessions.“

“Very interesting material and perfect support from the teacher.“

“The whole course was very practical and we could learn about coaching from various aspects as we were trying different roles.“

“I think it was great to have a theoretical background and then apply it from both sides (coach and client). I also like some of the live demos from the trainer. The trainer was really clear while explaining all the concepts“

“It’s actually very useful and helpful in regular work – my subordinates are working with me in a much more effective manner.”

Self-paced Basic Advanced Retainer
Self-study materials Self-study materials + +
Live QnA calls + +
Supervised practice sessions + +
Slack community + +
2 individual sessions on developing coaching skills 3 months of bi-weekly sessions on developing coaching skills
Free $400 $600 $1000


You can enroll on the free self-paced version here.

You can apply using this form and I will reach out to you to discuss the details.

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