‘Impossible’ goals

11 April

When clients state their goal for the first time, more often than not it’s a ‘safe’ goal. A ‘safe’ goal is something beneficial and something they really want. But it is not very significant.

What limits our dreams? What affects the way we set our goals? Too often fears we have, our past failures, and beliefs about our capabilities lead us to ‘safe’ goals. With them you won’t need to risk too much. It is enough to continue to do what you already have been doing. Perhaps, push a bit harder.

On the other hand, there are ‘impossible’ goals. ‘Impossible’ in quotes because they are ‘impossible’ only in our heads. It can be scary even to think about ‘impossible’ goals. And when you do think about them, a little voice in your head might say: “Who do you think you are?”

However, if we limit ourselves only to ‘safe’ goals, we won’t be fully playing our game. We will stay where we are now.

‘Impossible’ goals will elevate you to a completely different level. But first you need to discard the ‘safe’ goals and summon enough courage to start setting ‘impossible’ goals for yourself.

What are your ‘impossible’ goals? What don’t you allow yourself to dream about?


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