1-1 coaching

So what’s coaching?

Coaching is a facilitated self-reflection. Simply put, I help people think deeper than they ever have thought before. And with that, they are able to achieve anything they want.

Why should I be interested in working with a coach and not, say, attending a training or reading a book?

Knowledge and skills which you get from books and training are important but they usually don’t ‘stick.’ What I do is I help to turn such ideas into reality.

For example, everyone knows he or she should listen better. Very few know why they do not. And I help to find those reasons and act on them.

How long does it take?

The work I do requires change. The change might be about a certain belief, or skill, or habit. And that takes time and effort. Time is needed for a client to reorganize thoughts and actions and to get used to new things happening in his or her life.

In my experience, for such a shift coaching support is needed for 3 to 6 months, depending on how deep the change is going to be.

Certainly, when the request is not related to a deep change, it can be addressed in 2-3 sessions.

Isn’t coaching a marketing scam?

It might be. So don’t take mine or other coaches’ words for granted. It is important that you check how I work to see whether this process is for you. It’s also a good idea to check other coaches to see whether their style of work fits you better.

Can we improve time-management/emotional intelligence/soft-skills/etc.?

Yes and no. When we start a conversation, people often think this is what they need. Rarely is that the case. Instead, they are just the means to get you somewhere. And what we do is uncover where you really want to be and what your dream is. If we see that time-management is holding you back, it will be easy to develop sky-high time-management skills because you will understand why you need them.

So to put it differently, what you may currently consider as a solution is not necessarily your solution.

What do we do in a session?

We book an hour to meet online. And we have a conversation. My job is to make you look at what is from a different perspective. My job is to be your champion. My job is to challenge your limiting beliefs.

I ask questions about things you didn’t think about. I listen to you in a way you have never been listened to before. And I help you commit to what you really desire.

More specifically
– we clarify what you really want
– we find where to focus your efforts
– we form goals, plan concrete steps, and follow up on them

Importantly, what we discuss is absolutely confidential. Along with other requirements, this is a part of the Code of Ethics of International Coach Federation of which I am a member.

What should I do if I like to work with you?

Before we start working, we both need to really want to work with each other. This process starts with a conversation. We book 90 minutes and work on what is important for you. I ask you about your goals, your motivation, and what makes you tick. We explore what’s stopping you from being where you want to be, we explore the strategy to get there.

This Discovery Session will put you on a track to your goal. It’s free of charge and it’s my gift to you. And if the way I serve helps you progress towards your goals and I see that your goals inspire me as a coach, we will begin our work together.

To book a Discovery Session, follow this link.

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