This blog is about how coaching can help first-time tech managers successfully transition to the new role.



There is a lot of confusion about what is coaching. So I decided to write a series of posts on the principles of coaching to help others understand what coaching is and why it can be beneficial for people. The first principle says that coaching is not teaching, but a facilitation of learning through experience. […]

23 October

There is a lot of advice about active listening that everyone knows. For example, look into the other person’s eyes, repeat to them what they have said, and don’t interrupt them. But what are some other bits of advice to improve your listening that are not so well known? I’ve collected some tips from my […]

27 August

I suggest participants get in touch with me at the end of trainings and presentations I conduct. I can help. I’m willing. Yet rarely people ask for help. There are people around you who feel good when they can help you. Who could help you? Your managers, more-experienced colleagues; even the experts and stars in […]

25 April

When clients state their goal for the first time, more often than not it’s a ‘safe’ goal. A ‘safe’ goal is something beneficial and something they really want. But it is not very significant. What limits our dreams? What affects the way we set our goals? Too often fears we have, our past failures, and […]

11 April

Management jobs can be either highly satisfying or desperately stressful. Often the hardest part is transitioning when yesterday’s individual contributor is today’s manager. In my work as a coach with beginning and potential managers, I see people who are really confused. We spend a lot of time clarifying goals and getting to the core of […]

26 December
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