This blog is about how coaching can help first-time tech managers successfully transition to the new role.



I get this question often from the participants of the coaching skills training I conduct. Coaching is not a panacea. There are cases when it is better to teach and direct. So it’s a great question to ask. Given that I mostly work with techies, the variation of this question goes like this: shouldn’t all […]

17 June

What do leaders do, when they want to help? When our subordinates have some difficulties the natural urge is to step in and tell them what to do. If we had a similar experience, it only seems natural to share it with other people. For example, you have this great employee Lisa*. She is a […]

15 May

We all know examples when we want to change something, and it happens smoothly, almost by itself. Other times seemingly reasonable and desirable change doesn’t occur. How come? What conditions are necessary for a change to happen? Let’s say you want to start working on your side project. And you decided that you will spend […]

16 April

Hypnotherapist Milton Erickson had an ingenious way to induce anesthesia in his patients. He has a patient who was experiencing a lot of physical pain. Naturally, the pain was absorbing all of this patient’s attention. So Milton Erickson would start by asking: “What would happen if you looked over there and a huge hungry tiger […]

27 March

I once coached a founder who had stepped down from running his company. What he wanted, at first, was to explore how he should build relationships with the executive team. He wasn’t all that happy with their performance. He often had disagreements with them. When people have a problem, many times it is because there […]

11 March

In one Chinese restaurant, they were passing out postcards with proverbs. One of them said: “A hungry man can’t see right or wrong, he just sees food.” Similarly, when we are consumed by some problem, it’s hard to see anything besides a problem. When we are ‘inside’ the problem, it’s hard to analyze it. It’s […]

27 February

Sometimes all that is needed is to just change our mental gears. A human mind becomes stuck easily. Our train of thought goes round and round in circles. We all familiar with that. It may be an annoying tune that plays on and on in our heads. But the same thing occurs when we have […]

6 February
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